Ronald G. Rickner, Ph.D., CSAT
Counseling for Individuals and Couples

The purposes of the heart are deep waters, but a person of understanding draws them out.

Proverbs 20:5

Services Offered


Dr. Rickner sees adults for individual, marital, and pre-marital counseling. Some of the reasons people seek therapy include:

  • Personal Growth
  • Emotional Difficulties (depression, anger, anxiety)
  • Inter-personal Struggles (lonliness, dating, marriage, divorce)
  • Developmental Passages (life transitions, grief, losses)
  • Occupational Stresses (relocation, conflict, poor performance)
  • Family of Origin Difficulties (emotional neglect, intra-family conflict, emotional abuse)
  • Habit Problems (substance abuse, extra-marital affairs, pornography use, sexual addictions)

Therapy with Dr. Rickner addresses personal, inter-personal, and spiritual dimensions and is conducted in a professional and confidential manner.


If you would like to inquire about or schedule an appointment, please call (850) 668-0482 or use our contact form.